“Advocacy helps you to have your say in what happens in your life. Advocacy is supporting you in speaking out about your rights, what you need and what is important to you.”  (The Advocacy Charter, Easy-Read, 2018)  

What do we do?

Our service is for people with Learning Disabilities and their families.

There are times in life when we all need a little help with understanding and making decisions - we can support you with this and Advocate for you with other organisations.  For example,  we can support you with accessing healthcare or social care services, challenging decisions about your care and treatment, future care planning, assessments and reviews, housing, benefits applications and appeals, legal matters, police issues, complaints and more. As your Advocate, we will help you to communicate your needs and wishes and ensure that your voice is heard.  When you have made an important decision, we can support you to follow it through.  Whether you are a person with a Learning Disability or the parent or informal carer, we can be there for you.

We  will communicate with you via home visits, video chat, telephone, and email. Our service is not issue based and we will be with you for as long as you need us. We do not charge for this service.  Watch the video below for more about us.

If you think we could help contact Victoria Gamble 
07710 177050

Here's a video about what the Advocacy and Support Service does.

Meet the Team

Victoria Gamble


Victoria is a Learning Disability Nurse and holds advocacy, teaching and management qualifications.  She has been supporting people with Learning Disabilities for 35 years.  Victoria is the first person to contact if you want to use the service.
07710 177050

Emily Campbell


Emily is qualified in advocacy and health & social care.  She has been supporting people with Learning Disabilities  since 2014.  Emily is currently on Maternity Leave and will be back in January 2023.  

Mandy Hudson

Mandy is the Charity Manager and oversees the service.  She has been working with people with Learning Disabilities since 1993.

Beth McFarlane


Beth is a qualified in advocacy and  health and social care. Beth has been supporting people with Learning Disabilities since 2013.

Jess Thripp

Jess is joining the Advocacy and Support Service whilst Emily is on Maternity Leave.  She is qualified in health and social care and management and has been supporting people with Learning Disabilities since 2010.  She will be doing an Advocacy qualification.