The Roy Clarke Award Scheme

Roy Clarke was our Chair of Trustees from when we began in 1997 until his death in 2020.  We have developed this Award scheme in his memory.

Roy Clarke Award Scheme in Clacton

Some members of our Wednesday Well-Being Group in Clacton have started work on their Roy Clarke Award Scheme Safety Badge.  They attend for an hour twice a month during the Group.  In January they looked at how to stay safe from germs. 

Health Badge

The first course for the Roy Clarke Award Scheme Health Badge are starting in Colchester in January 2024.  

Safety Badge

The first courses for the Road Clarke Award Scheme Safety Badge have taken place.  Here's a video all about it.

Skills - StoryTellers

Seven people recently attended our 10-week StoryTellers course during which they all wrote their own stories.   You can read their stories on the Storytellers page.

The Roy Clarke Award Scheme - Community

The Community section of the Roy Clarke Award Scheme  is now running.   To achieve the Community Badge members will spend a minimum of 6 months completing 100 hours of activity that benefits the community in some way.  Roy Clarke first got involved in the group that was later to become Colchester Gateway when he was completing the community section of his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.  We are therefore delighted that this is the first section of the Roy Clarke Award Scheme to become available to members.  

The Roy Clarke Award Scheme - Skills

The Skills section of the Roy Clarke Award Scheme is now available.  Members must spend at least three months learning or developing two skills.  They don't have to be done at the same time, and members will receive a Certificate for each skill.  Those who complete two skills will then receive a the Skills Badge.